March ASTSS Update

On behalf of the Management Committee of ASTSS it is my pleasure to provide members with an update regarding some of the key initiatives currently underway.


ASTSS has a more than 30-year history of serving practitioners and researchers working with 

trauma-impacted communities and individuals across Australia. The evolution of ASTSS over this time, and indeed the field of traumatic stress is evidenced by the diversity of backgrounds, genders, and expertise of our new multidisciplinary management committee.  


This diversity reflects our position that mental health encompasses physical, socioeconomic, and political welfare and this is guiding the work and vision of the management committee. We also acknowledge the lived experience of trauma in societies where injustice, persecution and deprivation occur and the importance of these in the work we do.


Updates from the Management Committee:

  • Launch of our new 2022-2023 Strategic Plan

A strategic planning process was undertaken with members of the previous and current management committee. 


Our updated mission: 


‘Bringing together trauma-focused care providers and researchers to optimise the mental and physical health of individuals and communities impacted by trauma.’ 


Our new strategic plan identifies three guiding principles and specific measures of success that will be used to achieve this mission: 


  1. Enhance capability of our interdisciplinary membership 
  2. Advocate for our members and communities impacted by trauma 
  3. Foster collaboration among members, disciplines and communities 


More information on the 2022-2023 Strategic Plan can be found here: 

  • Website upgrade

A new, updated website is currently being built and will be launched in 2022. This will contain a new members area and ways of keeping up to date with the society.  

  • Governance review

We are grateful to the law firm, Clyde & Co, for providing pro-bono legal support in reviewing and updating our by-laws and constitution. They will future-proof the society and ensure our governance structure is fit-for-purpose. There will be opportunities for members to review the documents and provide feedback once the first draft has been finalised.

  • Valuing lived experience

As part of our governance review, we are working on ensuring meaningful representation of people with lived experience within our society well into the future. This is an ongoing body of work and we will be welcoming  input from all members. 

  • Social media

Social media engagement has increased over different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Our thanks to committee member Max Loomes for reinvigorating our social media presence. 

  • Student Engagement 


Our new student representative, Max Loomes, is improving student engagement in ASTSS. He has been working alongside our other committee members, Amalia Badawi and Holly Bowen-Salter, to increase our student presence. Keep an eye out for a student podcast series, networking events, and a space to present on being a student in the trauma field. 


It is a privilege to be working alongside each member of the ASTSS Management Committee and we look forward to connecting further in 2022.


Simon Rosenbaum PhD

President, ASTSS


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