Do you have an ASTSS worthy eNews item?

A friendly reminder that we are here to service our ASTSS community. So, if you have any trauma-related news, updates, or information you would like to share with our community, then please contact us!

We are interested in any item under the broader remit of trauma studies that has relevance to the ASTSS community which includes, but is not restricted to, scholarly and academic news, that has industry impact or significance, and will pique the interest and/or attention of the ASTSS community, and so forth.

Know someone who has been promoted, graduated, got a job, received an award, or been appointed to a university service role? Remember, if we don’t know about it, you won’t read about it. So, make sure you tell us and we can all celebrate success together!

Please email your news, updates, and items to Chiara at

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