Forced Migration Special Interest Group (FMSIG)

The role of the Forced Migration Special Interest Group (FMSIG) is to provide strategic recommendations to the Committee relating to ASTSS activities concerning refugees, asylum seekers, and those experiencing forced migration. The guiding principles of FMSIG are to respect the dignity and rights of stakeholders and ensure activities are culturally appropriate, prioritising the meaningful inclusion of communities with lived experience of displacement.

FMSIG also has a broader, current focus on ensuring that research with refugees, asylum seekers and those experiencing forced displacement is conducted in a way that respects the dignity and rights of participants and is culturally appropriate. The FMSIG has a focus on including communities in the design and dissemination of research that affects people from displacement backgrounds. The FMSIG also aims to critique the activities and improve upon current research practice to maximise the benefits for research participants and the community more broadly.

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