Sri Lanka Easter Bombings

Statement and updated link to resources

Dear Colleagues,

It is less than six weeks ago that we wrote to you following the mass shootings in New Zealand. Since this time the world has again been shocked by terrible events including those that have transpired in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. As with the hate crime killings in New Zealand, the bombers targeted civilians practicing their religious beliefs with attacks also against tourists in hotels. These types of killings are becoming more common around the world and are being rapidly communicated through technologies to all – bringing such hate crimes into people’s daily lives.

The Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies stands against all forms of hate speech that attempts to place divisions between communities and religious groups. Acts of terror against civilians represent the worst manifestation of a larger use of language and ideology to divide and to deny our common shared humanity regardless of birth, culture or belief.

In addition to providing a statement of support for our colleagues that will work with survivors and family members affected by that crime, we drew your attention to a Webinar that was due to address the issue of Mental illness, terrorism and grievance-fuelled violence. The email came late and some of you were unable to register.

You can now watch the recording again, or share it with colleagues via the MHPN webinar library. 

We also draw your attention to the thoughtful reflections on this topic by Professor Raimond Gaita, Professorial Fellow in the Melbourne Law School and The Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne who is the author of the award-winning writer of Romulus, My Father.

Yours Sincerely,
The ASTSS Management Committee

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