ISTSS Collaboration – The Global Psychotrauma Screen (GPS)

The GPS was developed by an international group of experts representing traumatic stress societies worldwide (including ASTSS) called the “Global Collaboration on Traumatic Stress” (Schnyder et al., 2017). 

The GPS is a brief instrument meant to screen for a range of trauma related psychological problems, as well as for risk and protective factors. The GPS consists as much as possible of existing items from validated scales. Apart from age and gender, the GPS consists of 22 items, each to be answered in a yes/no format.

The GPS is currently available in 18 languages.

The developers welcome studies that gather norm data in a broad variety of individuals (trauma-exposed and non-exposed, females/males, young and old, clinical samples and healthy samples, civilians and high-risk professions such as police, military, health care professionals,  cross-sectional and prospective samples etc) across the world. Repeated assessments are recommended, if feasible. Demographic and trauma or life events (e.g. LEC-5) measures should be included in order to describe the study sample.

Researchers or clinicians who wish to use the GPS or to further translate the GPS in another language are requested to contact Miranda Olff at

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