Research Project – Trauma and the Altered Self

Research Project – Trauma and the Altered Self

Dr. Ida Kaplan and Evan Jureidini are urgently seeking participants (mental health professionals) for a research study investigating an important and under researched area of posttraumatic mental health – experiences of self or identity following significant trauma in adulthood.

We would like to invite mental health professionals who have:

  • Experience working therapeutically with clients who have a history of exposure to significant trauma in adulthood.
  • Professional qualifications in a mental health or counselling focused discipline.

The study is part of a Ph.D. research program at the University of Melbourne (Clinical Psychology) in collaboration with the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture (Foundation House). Participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire with reference to an individual client who meets some specific criteria (e.g., has a history of trauma exposure in adulthood; does not have a history of significant trauma exposure in childhood/adolescence). You will NOT be required to provide any identifying information about the client.

Completing the online questionnaire is expected to take 30-60 minutes.

If you are interested in participating and/or would like further information, please contact Evan Jureidini via email (

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