The Journal of Loss & Trauma highlights common as well as differing impacts of major losses while revealing commonalities of the various healing processes. Interdisciplinary in its approach, the journal publishes empirically-oriented papers, case studies with intervention strategies, point-counterpoint discussions, theoretical analyses, essays on concepts or links among relevant fields, and therapeutic approaches. Book reviews are also regular features.

Journal of Traumatic Stress , the official publication for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, is an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of peer-reviewed original papers on biopsychosocial aspects of trauma. Papers focus on theoretical formulations, research, treatment, prevention education/training, and legal and policy concerns. Journal of Traumatic Stress serves as a primary reference for professionals who study and treat people exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events (directly or through their occupational roles), such as war, disaster, accident, violence or abuse (criminal or familial), hostage-taking, or life-threatening illness. The journal publishes original articles, brief reports, review papers, commentaries, and, from time to time, special issues devoted to a single topic.

Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy ® publishes empirical research on the psychological effects of trauma. The journal is intended to be a forum for an interdisciplinary discussion on trauma, blending science, theory, practice, and policy.

Anxiety, Stress, & Coping deals with experimental and field studies of anxiety dimensions and stress and coping processes, but also with related topics such as the antecedents and consequences of stress exposure and its concomitant emotional states. We also encourage submissions contributing to the understanding of the relationship between psychological and physiological processes during stressful and anxious states, as well as their links to coping and resilience. Manuscripts should report novel theory-driven and clinically significant contributions. While the journal is open to a diversity of articles, it is primarily interested in well-designed, methodologically sound research reports, theoretical papers, and interpretative literature reviews or meta-analyses.

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