The ASTSS By-Laws allow for the formation of a local “chapter” in any Australian region, state or territory.  The purpose of a chapter is to further the aims and objectives of the Association within that particular geographic area.  Members from within a local area are encouraged to meet or communicate and discuss issues of mutual interest and concern in the field of psychological trauma.  Chapters may conduct educational activities in their own right and apply to the national management committee for funds to underwrite such activities.

For further information on ASTSS Chapters, please contact the following chapter representatives.  If you are in a region or state where there is no chapter representative, please contact the national office and enquire about forming a chapter in that area.


South Australia

Northern Territory


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New South Wales

William Berry

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Western Australia


Grant Devilly

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Chapter Formation

1. Chapter Formation

5.1 A Chapter may be proposed in any proposed region, state or territory of Australia or New Zealand by no fewer than 10 financial members of the Association from that region, state or territory and must be formally recognised as a Chapter by the Elected Representatives, as defined in the Rules of the Association.

5.1.1 Notice of the formation of a Chapter is to be forwarded to the Association Secretary for approval by the Elected Representatives [Executive]. Upon approval of a Chapter, the members who proposed the formation shall advise the members in the proposed region that a Chapter has been approved and call for nominations for a Chapter Management Committee.

5.1.2 The Chapter Management Committee shall consist of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and at least one other member. The names of the members of the committee are to be presented to the Executive as the responsible Chapter custodians.

5.1.3 Sub Clause of the Constitution should be noted. Each formed chapter is entitled to nominate one representative as an ordinary member of the committee of management.

5.1.4 Insofar as they are not inconsistent with the aims, objectives, Rules of Association, and by-laws of the Association, each Chapter may conduct its business and activity as it wishes.

5.1.5 The Chapter Representative shall – as in Sub Clause 16.2 of the Constitution – hold office until the Annual General Meeting next after the date of his/her nomination but is eligible for re-nomination.

5.1.6 The Chapter Representative may, as well, hold other office or offices in that Chapter.

5.1.7 It shall be the duty of the Chapter Representative to ensure that a written annual report is provided at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

5.1.8 Such a report will include at least:
a) details of the office bearers of the Chapter
b) the number and names of financial members
c) an outline of the activities of the Chapter during the past year
d) a financial report.

5.2 The financial affairs of the Chapter are to be managed according to these By-laws and Business Rules of the Association. Chapter finances must be co-ordinated with the central Association finances, although Chapters may elect to complete their own annual audit at the Chapter’s expense.

5.2.1 One central account with the National Australia Bank is to be established with sub accounts for individual Chapters. Signatories are to include 2 members of Executive and 2-3 Chapter signatories (with any 2 to sign).

5.2.2 There shall be an upper limit of $20,000 on the combined funds and accounts of any individual Chapter. Any amount beyond $20,000 that is accumulated by a Chapter is to be forwarded to the Association Treasurer to be subsumed into the central account.

5.2..3 Chapters wanting to be included in the Annual Organisational Audit for the financial year 1 July – 30 June must forward all financial statements, including all supporting documentation for all financial transactions to the Association Treasurer by 30 September following the end of the financial year being audited.

5.2.4 Such forwarded records and documentation must be in an organised format, where possible conforming to the electronic format provided by the Association.

5.2.5 Chapters who elect to complete their own audits must forward their Chapter’s audited financial statements at their own expense to the Association Treasurer by 30 September following the end of the financial year being audited for inclusion in the Association’s financial statements that are lodged with Business Affairs.

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